Creating a Soothing Backyard Waterfall

Jere Bowden already had a beautiful, relaxing patio and porch overlooking his backyard. He had elegant landscaped areas and relaxing seating areas with benches and hammocks. When his wife was recovering from a battle with cancer, he wanted to surprise her with a beautiful addition to the home, but that was also something more than just a beautiful addition—he wanted to give her a soothing, relaxing, hopeful space. He decided to surprise her with a waterfall, and we were honored to be asked to help.


The patio already had an Asian-inspired feel to its decor, with low, dark furniture with clean lines and splashes of rich, vibrant color. We decided to have the waterfall and pond area nestle against the patio so that one could relax in the shade of the covered patio and still see and hear the waterfall. This piece really became the focus of the yard. The pond lines two sides, about 30’-40’ of the patio. The waterfall itself rests in the center, lining up with and falling toward the corner of the patio. The entire pond is edged with stones.



We added several elements to take the project above and beyond and really make it spectacular.  We added height to the waterfall and used multiple pumps to create a constant flow; this ensured the rich, soothing sound of falling water resonated across the patio and into the house. We incorporated large bridge rocks so that one could safely walk from the porch out into the yard.


“I wanted to do something special for my wife, and came to Jason for some ideas to build a waterfall in our backyard. He helped me plan a waterfall and pond to line the edge of our patio so that we could sit and relax by the water. He paid attention to everything I wanted and added lots of his own details that really made it stand out.”


We built lush landscaping around the waterfall and pond to create a haven. The entire pond was lined with soft grasses, daylilies, fountain grasses, dianthus, and water lilies. Most of the plants will stay green and vibrant, and the flowers will add beautiful pops of color as they bloom.

In addition, we planted a huge Laceleaf Japanese Maple as a specimen tree just behind the waterfall, to grow and drape elegantly over the waterfall as time goes on. Specimen trees are planted to be the focal point in landscaping, and this beautiful umbrella-shaped maple and its delicate leaves provides a perfect focus for the waterfall.


This project was very special to us, and we were honored to complete it and add our own unique touch to it. This waterfall was a true labor of love and, as all labors of love, will always be more than the sum of its parts. The project came out beautifully and will always be on our list of favorites.

“I hired Jason to create a relaxing waterfall and pond as a surprise for my wife. It’s beautiful and makes her smile every time she sees it–which makes me smile, too. Thanks so much!”

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