Custom Landscape Design For Front Yard

Creating Curb Appeal With A Custom Landscape Design

Chris Golembeski’s front yard was huge, and his home was elegant sitting atop a hill. However, there was very little that was special about the yard itself, and he wanted to add some curb appeal to his home. Keep reading to see how we used retaining walls, arbor, and natural stone to create a custom landscape design and create a front yard that was as functional as it was aesthetically pleasing.

We built retaining walls for this home to add depth and dimension.

To add dimension and levels to the naturally sloped yard, we built retaining walls on either side of the yard, curving around small flower beds and up to the walkway. We also built several shorter walls surrounding the flower beds nestled against the house. All walls were built of natural stone, with the smaller walls closer to the house incorporating flagstone to add extra elegance to the face of the home.

We built custom flagstone walkways and stairs leading up from the curb.

Flagstone is a beautiful addition to any home; we love incorporating it whenever we get a chance. Its natural variance means that each project is unique. Our stone workers hand-laid a flagstone pathway and steps from the curb to the front of the house. We also used it in the steps and front porch, and built a step path to create a walkway from the driveway to the front of the home.

A custom pergola added an earthy element to the heavy stone.


We wanted to bring in another element to the front yard that would break up the stone and give the space a more natural feel. To help in this, we handcrafted and installed a wooden arbor for the front entry way, extending over the front steps off the porch. It provides a nice focal point for a yard already filled with elegant touches. Trailing plants and climbing vines will be free to wind around it in the spring and summer, proving a pop of color and shade for the front of the house.

Natural, easy to maintain landscaping brings some color to the yard.

We completed the look by creating a custom landscape design with plants and bushes that are easy to maintain and provide color year-round.  We used all natural stone and flagstone throughout the project. We used flagstone as accents wherever possible to stretch the budget as far as possible. We had the opportunity to offer guidance and our own touches. See more about our custom landscape design and custom arbors and pergolas. Interested in a consultation? Contact us here.

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