Outdoor Kitchens

How We Brought a Professional Kitchen into the Backyard

Outdoor dining: it is practically an American pastime, particularly during the warm summer days. If you are lucky enough to live in a climate area, such as Memphis, you might spend the majority of your free time outdoors. There is nothing that tastes quite as good as the food you cook outside, whether you are grilling, roasting, or smoking it. A person would be hard pressed to find a home without some type of smoker, grill, or BBQ pit in its backyard—from the economy-sized charcoal grill, to the deluxe, state-of-the-art smoker or Big Green Egg.

Some take outdoor cooking to a higher level, and want to bring the full experience outdoors. We find gourmet kitchens and elegant dining areas right in the backyards of our friends and neighbors. Why do indoors what you can do outdoors? That is just what this Collierville client thought when he envisioned a restaurant-level kitchen for his backyard.


Every project is unique, but this one was particularly special because of the client, who had long owned and worked in a restaurant, absolutely loved cooking, and was determined to bring back that experience of being in a high-tech, professional kitchen—all within the comfort of his own backyard. As one can imagine, this was no easy feat, because no backyard patio area is initially designed to hold a professional kitchen!



To create this beautiful outdoor area, we had to first determine everything that would be a part of this top-of-the-line kitchen, which was getting the works. The area needed to be spacious enough to hold everything one would expect in any other kitchen plus more—and, of course, room to sit all those lucky enough to be fed from this kitchen! 

We won’t keep you in suspense—we made it all work! Nothing was left out of this cooking-lover’s dream kitchen. At the end of the job, we had a beautiful space that fit naturally with the home and into the existing area. We built two counters, one with a raised bar and serving area, and one curved counter facing into the yard to house all the cooking gear. We installed a charcoal grill, an Egg, as well as a gas grill. We also installed a burner for pots and pans as well as the warming drawer, sink, and fridge. To top it all off, there was plenty of room between the two counters to store supplies, display food, and entertain guests. 

Outdoor Kitchens

We used only poured concrete and concrete blocks to hold the beautiful stainless steel sink and appliances. Brick veneers were added to match the rest of the house. No wood was used, which means nothing in this outdoor kitchen will rot or fall apart. The gorgeous counters were created with poured-in-concrete that was finished with a stain and sealant. These counters will last forever.

 The kitchen was built into the existing curved back patio just outside the screened-in porch.  The counter holding the grills and other cooking appliances expands the patio just slightly into the yard. The entire patio and kitchen are protected under a wooden awning supported with beautiful columns. 

This was an exciting project for us because we love a project that really calls us to give everything we have. This luxurious kitchen suits the space perfectly and highlights the landscaping and architectural aspects that are already present. This project is a perfect example of how a client’s dreams for a space, no matter how far reaching, can take hold and become a reality.

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