Lawn Maintenance Tips

Many customers ask how they can maintain their lawn if it will be a while before they schedule their next visit from Summit’s lawn services in Memphis, TN.  Ideally, landscapers from the Summit team will be your primary lawn care specialists but if a customer needs to space out visits they can follow these tips to keep their yard looking its best:

  • Don’t cut after it has rained
    Avoid cutting the grass after it has rained. The wet grass will not cut cleanly because the soil below becomes mud. The grass is much more likely to be pulled out rather than smoothly cut. Rain also creates more waves in the ground, which may cause you to cut closer to the root.
  • Protect the Lawn
    If you spot any weeds or pests, this issue should be treated immediately. Lawn maintenance becomes much more difficult when insects, weeds and disease run rampant in the yard.
  • Keep blades sharp
    One of the most common lawn maintenance mistakes is mowing with a dull blade. A dull blade will rip and tear the grass. Not only will the lawn look worse without a clean cut, but blades of grass that are ripped instead of cut cleanly are also more prone to disease. For a lawn to look great all of the time it’s crucial to make sure that the lawnmower’s blades are sharp every single time.

These are a few simple tips to help keep your lawn looking beautiful and thriving in between visits from Summit’s lawn services in Memphis, TN.

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