New eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Landscape Architect

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Landscape Architect. If you are thinking of hiring a landscape architect anytime soon, this book will help you as you begin to nail down your visions for your yard redesign and figure out who to hire.

Having a solidsummit_ebook_cta idea of what you want your space to look like is very important, but so is having a dedicated and licensed professional to help bring your vision to life. It can also be difficult to have an idea for what your carefully plotted dream will cost you in the end. This book helps take out the guess work of planning a yard makeover and hiring a landscape architect. In fact, it starts out in the first pages by helping you determine at the very beginning if you even need a designer for your project.

Expert advice on how to plan your project and hire a landscape architect

It can be overwhelming at first as homeowners begin the preliminary stages of yard design, and the goal of The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Landscape Architect is to help simplify and explain each step of the process from beginning to end. One chapter is dedicated completely to how to determine the budget for your project and offers stunning pictures of some of our favorite projects to help inspire you. The eBook walks you through the steps of pre-planning, initial consultation, design planning and presentation, and construction, offering you questions to ask your landscape architect at each step of the way.

Don’t be overwhelmed!  The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Landscape Architect was written with you in mind, was written in an effort to taking the guess work out of the process and to make it all much more fun. Download it now and get to planning your dream yard!

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