• Design

    Phase 1 DesignTalk your ideas out. We’ll walk you through the design process and give you a 3D rendering. Here’s where the magic starts.

  • Layout & Dig


    Phase 2 Layout & DigWe will line out the area according to project specs. After we get the layout just right, we break ground, excavating grass, rock, and dirt.

  • Pre-Plumbing, Forming & Steel

    Phase 3 - Pre-Plumbing, Forming & Steel

    We’ll use wood and steel to form a strong foundation. Plumbing and electrical go into the ground. The pool begins to take shape just before we apply the concrete.

  • Gunite Application

    Phase 4 - Gunite ApplicationOur crew applies gunite to create the inner shell. Once gunite concrete is worked into the forming structure, your new pool begins to take shape.

  • Tile, Coping & Veneers

    Phase 5 - Tiling, Coping & VeneersYou can play with a wide variety of natural stone tiles, mosaic designs, slates, and ceramics. Pool coping is made from natural stone like cement, brick, and limestone.

  • Decking & Extras

    Phase 6 - Decking & ExtrasWatch the surroundings come to life as we construct accent structures like decking, outdoor kitchens & fireplaces, waterfalls & fire pits.

  • Plaster

    Pool PlasterPlastering ensures the smoothest surface possible. Definitely, the hardest step for our clients to wait out. The pool looks ready to fill and jump into!

  • Fill & Enjoy

    Finished! Fill & EnjoyFill your pool, light up your new fire pit and grill, take a deep breath and find some zen. You made it!