Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls and streams invite the great outdoors to your home with the relaxing atmosphere of the wild.

Waterfalls & Streams

Fish are a popular customization to waterfalls and streams, bringing family fun and a more real-world experience to your home.

Pondless waterfalls offer homeowners a low-maintenance option that still brings a soothing aesthetic to their backyard.

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The best part about having a great backyard is building a comfortable environment to enjoy the outdoors. Waterfalls and streams allow you and your family to take that experience to the next level by adding the sounds of nature to your next function. These features come in a variety of styles and are entirely customizable to your needs. Adding a waterfall to your backyard may be the perfect home addition you’ve always been looking for.

We provide low-maintenance water features, saving time and money.

Waterfalls and streams can utilize space that is currently underused or ill-used. Similar to hardscapes, waterfalls and streams can be a low-maintenance addition to your backyard.

Like all projects from Summit Landscapes, waterfalls and streams are entirely customizable to best fit your property. Let us work with you to build a natural environment for your family to enjoy.

You can customize and adjust every aspect of your waterfall or stream. Add a pond, or include a pondless waterfall.

Bring the great outdoors to your home.

Add lush foliage and landscaping to your water installation. You can add a variety of plants or blooming flowers, or create a dramatic focus by using a specimen tree.

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See What Happy Customers Say

“Two years ago we were struggling with ideas for creating a natural-looking waterfall and koi pond in our backyard garden area. Jason and Summit Landscapes came up with just the right plan! We ended up with a design that is dramatic and attractive, fitting perfectly into our grand garden scheme. Jason did a fantastic job, exceeding all expectations, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the pond and our koi, it is perfect. I would recommend Summit Landscapes to anyone looking for a unique and creative plan to bring out the best in your yard or garden. Thanks, Jason!”

“The personal touch that I receive allows for direct contact with management and contact with field superintendents. Quick response, exceptional results and competitive pricing will keep me requesting more and more from Summit Landscapes!”

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